New front coil springs are supplied that are capable of handling anything! Since we design our coil springs for off road use, there is no need for bump stop extensions. Our coils can be smashed to the bottom and will always come back! No, that doesn't mean they are stiff. The key is using the correct size wire and quality material with the correct spring rate to offer the perfect ride and still hold up over time.

The rear is lifted via new Zone Offroad leaf springs. Many hours of development and testing have finally produced a capable spring that we are proud to introduce to our lineup. The new springs are a 5 leaf pack with anti-friction pads and center leaf spacer plates between each leaf. This design greatly decreases leaf pack internal friction. These springs are designed to give 3" of lift and are also set up to give the max amount of compression travel before the shackle is limited by the rear portion of the body. This allows the springs to flatten out as much as possible, which translates to increased wheel travel. These are designed to flex, but can still hold up and handle your load of gear.

Zone Offroad Cherokee XJ 3" Suspension System 1984-2001

SKU: J21N/J22N
  • Featured Technology & Benefits

    • Front coil springs designed to give a full 3" of lift while maintaining an O.E. style ride
    • No bump stops are included because our springs are designed for extreme travel.
    • Replacement Rear Leaf Springs that will ride great and replace the tired factory XJ springs.
    • New rear U-bolts are included with high nuts and washers
    • New front and rear shocks are included that are valved specifically for your XJ
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