Meguiar’s rocked the surface care industry when it unveiled Ultimate Quik Detailer with Hydro phobic Polymer Technology. Now they’ve done it again with Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax, featuring the same relentless water beading properties with the added protection of a high tech, easy to apply spray wax.  Ultimate Quik Wax is the fastest way to a dazzling, show car shine. Featuring Hydro phobic Polymer Technology, it makes paint come alive with a deep, wet look shine you would only expect from liquid or paste waxes.

Hydro phobic, water-fearing, polymer technology is exclusively Meguiar’s. The water repellent of this amazing, state of the art chemical breakthrough will literally push water uphill. The result is a deep, dark show car shine that lasts through repeated washings. Ultimate Quik Detailer and Ultimate Quik Wax work in tandem - when the detailer becomes slow to wipe off, it’s time for a coat of Ultimate Quik Wax.

Meguiar’s growing line of Ultimate products is readily identifiable by their signature black bottles and holographic labels. Ultimate Quik Wax is complementary to, and compatible with Ultimate Quik Detailer, as well as all Meguiar’s waxes.

  • Makes your car paint come alive with a deep, wet look shine
  • Ultimate Quik Wax is pleasantly scented and contains no petroleum distillates
  • Unlike conventional spray waxes, it does not leave behind white residue on plastic and trim
  • Ultimate Quik Wax sprays on fast and wipes off so easily, that you can wax your entire car in just minutes
  • It can be applied in direct sunlight!
  • The wax protection and relentless water beading will last for weeks


SKU: G17516
    SHAKE WELL, for best results apply to a clean surface. Mist product onto one section at a time. Quickly spread the product with a clean Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Microfiber towel. Turn to a clean, dry portion of towel for final wipe-off to reveal your dazzling new paint finish.

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